H07RN-F Cable


H07RN-F Cable

H07RN-F Cable

H07RN-F Cable,Flexible H07RN-F Cable,Rubber H07RN-F Cable

H07RN-F Cable --- Application

Flexible Rubber cable from chloroprene rubber for medium mechanical load in dry, moist and wet environments. These cables are used in manufacturing works, for connecting appliances such as boilers, heaters, hand lamps, electrical tools (drilling machines, circular saws) as well as mobile motors, machines on building sites and in agriculture. These cables are suitable for fixed or flexible applications in temporary installations as well as for direct laying on components and mechanical parts of machines, lifts etc. These flexible cables can be used either in protective fixed installations in tubes and devices or as a supply for engines with nominal a.c. up to 1000 V or d.c. up to 750 V against ground. The cable is resistant to ozone and weather effects.

H07RN-F Cable --- Cable structure

    Stranded bare or tinned copper conductor according to DIN VDE 0295 and IEC 60228 cl. 5 and HD 383
    Rubber core insulation
    Cores color coding according to DIN VDE 0293-308, HD186
        1-core: black
        2-core: blue/brown
        3-core: green-yellow/blue/brown
        4-core: green-yellow/brown/black/grey
        5-core: green-yellow/blue/brown/black/grey
        From 7 cores above green-yellow and black cores with white numbers
    Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-lenght
    Sheath of chloroprene rubber
    Self-extinguishing and flame resistant to DIN VDE 0482 part 265-2-1/ EN 50265-2-1/ IEC 60332-1

H07RN-F Cable --- Technical data

    Rubber insulated cable according to DIN VDE 0282 part 4 HD 22.4 S3 IEC 60245-4
    Temperature range from -30°C to +60°C
    Max. permissible operating temperature at conductor +60°C
    Nominal voltage Uo/U 450/750 V
    Max. permissible operating voltage a. c. Uo/U 495/825 V; d.c. Uo/U 743/1238 V
    Test voltage a.c. 2500 V
    Permanent tensile load max. 15 N/mm2
    Minimum bending radius for permanent - fixed installation 4 x cable diameter; flexing installation 7,5 x cable diameter