Tinned Rubber Welding Machine Cable

Tinned Rubber Welding Machine Cable

Tinned Rubber Welding Machine Cable


Tinned Rubber Welding Machine Cable

This product is suitable for the welding machine whose voltage to the ground is not more than 200V and pulsating value is 400V . The cable core long-term allowable working temperature: -35 ~ 65 ℃.

CE certified welding wire cable
1) Copper Rubber welding cable.
2) Meeting IEC, VDE, EN standard, widely used
3) Excellent performance and competitive price

Rubber Welding Cable Implemented standard
Welding cable implement GB5013.6/IEC60245-6

Product Description of CE certified welding cable

1) Nominal area: 10~185mm2
2) Conductor: class 5 tinned or plain copper wire
3) No. of cores: 1
4) Insulation: rubber compound, PCP
5) The products available include:
60245IEC 81: rubber sheathed arc welding electrode cable
60245IEC 82: polychloroprene or other equivalent synthetic elastomer sheathed arc welding electrode cable

Applications of CE certified Rubber Welding Cable

Welding Cables are flame retardant, oil resistant, resilient, resists compression cuts and abrasion, durable, and survives rough handling. Designed for use as arc welding leads from the secondary side of the power source, typical of welders and welding generators. welding machine with a secondary side

connected toground and welding clamp used.

Rubber Welding Cable

Welding cable struction
Conductor section:10-185mm2 Rated voltage:100/100V
Line core number and conductor nominal section Norminal thinkness of insulation/sheath(mm) Overall Diameter (mm) At 20 DC Resistance of conductor (Ω/km)
Min Max Tinned conductor Non-tinned conductor
mm mm
1x10 2 7.7 9.7 1.95 1.91
1x16 2 8.8 11 1.24 1.21
1x25 2 10.1 12.7 0.795 0.78
1x35 2 11.4 14.2 0.565 0.554
1x50 2.2 13.2 16.5 0.393 0.386
1x70 2.4 15.3 19.2 0.277 0.272
1x95 2.6 17.1 21.4 0.21 0.206
1x120 2.8 19.2 24 0.164 0.161
1x150 3 21.1 26.4 0.132 0.129
1x185 3.2 23.1 28.9 0.108 0.106

Features of CE certified welding cable
1. Soft Cables, having good bending properties
2. The sheath material made of natural rubber or chloroprene rubber mixture,
can be applied to different situations, good electrical physical properties
3. Chloroprene rubber mixture with heat oil and retardant performance
4. The maximum continuous operating temperature of the cable is 65 ℃
5.Color:Black, Orange, Red or Yellow Blue jacket, single & double insulated.
6.CE certificate APPROVED

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