Rubber Mining Cable

Rubber Mining Cable

Rubber Mining Cable


Rubber Mining Cable

Other Name:
Rubber Mining Cable
Rubber Insulated Coal Mining Cable
Rubber sheathed mining cable

Rated Voltage: 300/500V 450/750V

Cross-section Area:  0.5mm2 - 400mm2

Temperature: 60/90/105 celsius degree

H05RR-N, H07RR-F & H07RN-F are applicable as well.


Rubber Mining Cable detailed information:

Rubber Mining Cable working temperature should not exceed 65 degree

Cable have a certain extent of temperature resistance and oild resistance, fit to work outdoor and smeary enviroment

Reach standard GB/T18380.1-2001 vertical flame test

When cable working in temperature 20 degree ,the insulation between

Conductors above 50M .KM

Applicable scope: Rated voltage 300/750V or below, applied in electric

Appliance ,elctromotive tools and equipment

Reference Standard: VDE 0282 /GB7917

Rubber Mining Cable Specifications:

  Rated Voltage:450/750V Rated Temperature:-20°C to 60°C
Conductor:Copper or Tinned Copper Insulation: EPR Sheath: PCP
Application: Suitable for power cord, home appliance and movable tools…etc..
No. of Cores x Normal Cross Sectional Area of Conductor(mm2) Normal Diameter of Strand(mm) Normal Thickness of Insulation(mm) Normal Thickness of Jacket(mm)  Over Diameter of Cable(mm) Max Conductor Resistance at 20°C(≤Ω/km)
2x1.0 0.2 0.8 1.3 8.3±0.5 17
2x1.5 0.253 0.8 1.5 9.3±0.5 21
2x2.5 0.253 0.9 1.7 11.2±0.5 30
2x4 0.3 1 1.8 12.8±0.5 39
2x6 0.3 1 12 14.4±0.5 51
3G1.0 0.2 0.8 1.4 9.0±0.5 12
3G1.5 0.253 0.8 1.6 10.1±0.5 18
3G2.5 0.253 0.9 1.8 12.1±0.5 26
3G4 0.3 1 1.9 13.9±0.5 34
3G6 0.3 1 2.1 15.4±0.5 43
4G1.0 0.2 0.8 1.5 9.9±0.5 14
4G1.5 0.253 0.8 1.7 11.1±0.5 18
4G2.5 0.253 0.9 1.9 13.3±0.5 27
4G4 0.3 1 2 15.2±0.5 34
4G6 0.3 1 2.3 17.2±0.5 44
5G1.0 0.2 0.8 1.6 11.0±0.5 14
5G1.5 0.253 0.8 1.8 12.2±0.5 18
5G2.5 0.253 0.9 2 14.6±0.5 27
5G4 0.3 1 2.2 16.9±0.5 34
5G6 0.3 1 2.5 19.1±0.5 44


Flexible Rubber Mining Cable

This product is the rubber sheath flexible cable series used in coal-mining.

 It is for rated voltage Uo/U 0.38/0.66 and Uo/U 0.66/1.14kV used in coal mining machines installation equipment to connect power supply. It can be shifted as you like.


Flexible Rubber Mining Cable Operating characteristics:

The rated power frequency voltage U0/U: 0.38/0.66KV, 0.66/1.14KV

Permissible operating temperature: -35° C to 65° C.

The mininm bending radius is over 6times of cable Diameter

The yellow sheath cable should not be exposed in the sun for long



Flexible Rubber Mining Cable Model and Data


Rated Voltage

Core number X cross section


Rubber sheathed,flexible Coal cutter cables


3*16+1*4+3*2.5 3*25+1*6+3*4 3*25+1*6+4*2.5 3*50+1*6+4*4

 Connecting various Coal cutters and similar 

equipment Under the mine shaft  

Screened rubber sheathed,flexible coal

 cutter cables


Electric driller cables for mine


3*25+1*2.5 3*4+1*4 3*2.5+1*2.5+1*2.5 3*4+1*4+1*4

    Drill connection  Under the mine shaft  

Screened electric driller Cables for mine


Rubber sheathed movable and

 flexible mine cables


3*4+1*4 3*6+1*6 3*25+1*16 3*25+1*16 3*10+1*10 3*50+1*16 3*16+1*10 3*70+1*25

  Power connection of Various movable coal 

cutter under the mine shaft

Screened rubber sheathed movable and

 flexible mine cables


Rubber cable is mainly used in various movable electric equipment, electric equipment
bearing large outer mechanical force, equipment for mine use and electric welding.

This series include:

1) General rubber sheathed flexible cables:

 * Common rubber sheathed flexible cables (245IEC53 YZ)

 * Common chloroprene cabtyre flexible cables (245IEC57 YZW)

 * Medium duty rubber sheathed flexible cables (YZ YZW)

 * Heavy duty rubber sheathed flexible cables (245IEC66 YCW)

2) Rubber sheathed flexible mine cables:

 * Rubber sheathed, flexible coal cutter cables

 * Screened, rubber sheathed, flexible cutter cables

 * Electric drill cables for mine

 * Rubber sheathed, moveable and flexible mine cables

More description of the above two type

Rated voltage: 300/500V, 450/750V

Number of cores: 1~63) Welding cable

* Rubber sheathed welding cable 245 IEC81

* Rubber sheathed welding cable which is made of chloroprene or the compositive stretchy
Earth voltage of low voltage is no more than AC200V and pulsant DC peak value is
400V Long term permissible working temperature is no more than 65°C

also we can do the Flame-RETARDAN COAL MINING CABLES:

Flame-retardant coal mining cables include: 
Flexible mining machine cable for rated voltage up to and including 1.9/3.3 KV
Rubber jacket shielded controlled flexible mining cable rated voltage 0.66/1.14KV
Metallic shielded Flexible mining machine cable rated voltage up to and including 1.9/3.3 KV
Rubber jacket movable flexible cable rated voltage up to and including 0.66/1.14KV
Rubber jacket metal shielded controlled flexible cable rated voltage 3.6/6 KV
Rubber jacket shielded flexible cable rated voltage up to and include 3.6/6 KV
Drill cable for coal mining rated voltage 0.3/0.5KV 
Light type movable flexible cable for coal mining 
PVC insulated power cable for coal mining
XLPE insulated power cable for coal mining